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Are the “we buy houses Bakersfield” companies legitimate?

If you’re a distressed property seller in Bakersfield, CA and need to sell your house fast, what do you do? While MLS listed properties have been selling like hotcakes due to the pandemic and historically low interest rates have driven investors into the market looking for strong returns, it might seem like an obvious choice to list your property with a realtor. But once we look at the sales timeline, which can last months, are you better off selling to a cash home buyer in Bakersfield? are the “we buy houses” companies any good?

The answer is, maybe! Depending on your individual circumstances, it maybe much less of a hassle to sell your house fast to a local investor. These companies who buy houses for cash in Bakersfield are generally experienced in making difficult sales easy. What do we mean by “difficult sales?” Difficult sales in real estate are often classified as property sales with problems attached to the property. Home owners might be facing foreclosure, have tax liens against their property, code violations, fire or flood damage, or the property may have squatters. These types of sales are when companies like Hyams Investments can save property owners from bad situations.

What is involved with selling to a cash home buyer? You’ve probably already googled “we buy houses Bakersfield” or “sell my house fast Bakersfield” if you are the owner of a distressed property. Cash house buyers in Bakersfield are quite numerous and investors are always looking for their next flip. Cash home buying companies generally buy properties at a discount to solve the property owners problems. These companies generally buy houses for cash in “as-is” condition. They will look at the monies owed on a property and make sure your property sale pays off any debt upon closing the sale. Likewise, the cash house buyer will estimate repairs and deduct these expenses from their cash offer.

Why don’t I just call a realtor? For a very good reason, most realtors may not have experience in selling distressed houses for cash whereas a cash home buyer in Bakersfield like Hyams Investments, has bought dozens of distressed properties for cash from happy clients. Some of Hyams Investments properties have been cleared of all liens, debts, code violations, and left the seller with more money than they would have received from an MLS offer and Hyams Investments is able to close much faster than the competition. Hyams Investments often helps house sellers out of predicaments that would not be resolved by a traditional sale. If you’ve asked yourself “I need to sell my house fast,” Hyams Investments might be able to help you on a timeline other investors cannot.

The city has condemned my house, will Hyams Investments still buy it for cash? Absolutely! We have bought houses in all sorts of conditions, including burn-out houses, for cash. We often work with the city tho resolve code violations and make houses habitable. When we advertise “We buy houses Bakersfield” we don’t exclude many!

Are there houses you will not buy? Unfortunately, and rarely, we come across properties which owe more money than the house is worth. In this scenario, we can try to short sale the house to satisfy a lenders debt.

If you’re looking for a reputable cash buying company in Bakersfield, Hyams Investments will buy your house fast, on your timeline, and generally for cash.

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